From farm to fork

Together, we strive for innovative and creative solutions to efficiently organise your processes and optimise business operations.  

Nationally and internationally, we collaborate with a wide variety of clients across the entire food chain: ”from farm to fork”. 

Food safety and quality management systems

tomaten in kas

Cosmetics and medical devices

Floriculture and ornamentals, tree nursery and flower bulbs

Sustainability and environment

Knowledge and capacity building

growing seedling

Our services

Our consultants at Q-Point have diverse backgrounds, bringing a wide variety of expertise, skills and experiences. Our extensive range of services includes assistance in the adoption of quality systems, standards, certifications and the identification of efficiency and sustainability improvements within your company.  

The modular structure of the Q-Point quality manual enables the integration and combination of various food safety and quality management systems. 

Additionally, we assist in conducting independent internal audits and fulfilling interim positions. Our main objective is to ensure that our services are as apprehensible and practical as possible for our clients.  

With our diverse backgrounds, we approach and address challenges from different perspectives. This allows us to provide tailor-made solutions that align with the needs of your business.  

Our services are categorised into five general sectors in which we operate:  

  • Food safety and quality management systems  
  • Cosmetics and medical devices  
  • Floriculture and ornamentals, tree nursery and flower bulbs 
  • Sustainability and the environment  
  • Knowledge and capacity building  

If you have a question or issue that does not fit within these sectors, feel free to contact us. Together we will find the best solution for your business.