Carel Jaspers Director Q-Point

As an expert in the field of supply chain management and cooperation, business development, market development, data strategies and guiding startups, I have gained extensive experience in both national and international project management. Throughout my career, I have focused on projects involving a diversity of public and private parties in the agricultural and food sectors.   

In my 25 years at Q-Point, I gained experience in the Dutch food and export sectors. Additionally, I worked in the flower and plant sectors at Royal FloraHolland and in the agricultural sector at DLV Adviesbureau N.V. Internationally, I am actively involved in projects in food safety and supply chain and market development in East Africa and Southeast Asia.  

One of my key strengths is my ability to bridge cultural differences and connect people from various organisations and regions. Collaborations between different companies in the agri-food sector offer interesting opportunities, allowing the integration of national and international experiences into business operations.  

My objective is to provide goal-oriented advice to companies and organisations, ensuring their future through efficient and sustainable business practices.