Fabienne Hins Consultant food safety and quality systems

With a background in food technology, I specialise in quality management systems and food safety. My interdisciplinary knowledge and experience allow me to approach problems from both a technical and management perspective, providing practical and tailored solutions to our clients.  

My expertise mainly focuses on BRC, IFS, and FSSC systems. Within these systems, I focus on the implementation and improvement of quality and food safety throughout every link of the food, feed and packaging materials supply chain across a wide range of companies and industries.  

In addition to my expertise in quality systems and the food technology sector, I am active in the field of GMP+ and GMP Cosmetics (ISO 22716:2007). I am involved in several international projects on value addition and postharvest management for the fruit, vegetable and fish sectors in East Africa, Suriname and Lebanon. 

My objective is to find the best approach for our clients and to actively consider points of improvement to address issues within the company.