Lisa Robin Rotteveel Consultant agricultural management and inclusive food systems

As a consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya, I am involved in several international projects in East Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. My specialisations include entrepreneurship and business incubation, international food systems, value chain management, urban and regenerative agriculture and nutrition education in the agricultural and food sectors.  

My career started in food technology and product development before shifting my focus towards food systems and gender and community empowerment through entrepreneurship. While working at cocoa chain Mars Inc. in Ghana, I founded the fair fashion brand Hey Chaley, aimed at promoting empowerment and employment for young Ghanaian women. I was also involved in the launch of TuttiFoodi, where we developed a sustainable drying technology for fruits and vegetables in Thika, Kenya. The project focused on value chain development of international food systems while preserving nutritional values and reducing postharvest losses.  

My objective is to combine my experience in business development at both startups and larger corporations through innovative and practically viable cases in a cross-cultural setting.