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In 2019, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) commissioned Q-Point to conduct a study on the Zimbabwean fruit and vegetable sector. This scoping study provides an overview of the current state of the sector. The feasibility of adopting and implementing internationally recognised food safety and quality management systems in Zimbabwe is discussed as well.

The report describes the value chain, bottlenecks and opportunities for further development. It gives recommendations on how Dutch experts and businesses can engage in the further development of the fruit and vegetable value chain in Zimbabwe. For the report: click this link

Potential for export

The focus of this study is limited to the horticulture sector in Zimbabwe, more specifically the production and processing of fruit and vegetables. This sector is currently perceived as underdeveloped but has great potential. Zimbabwe has fertile lands and a beneficial agroecological climate, bringing economic benefits to the country.

The Netherlands offers valuable knowledge and experience as the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter. With a focus on potential economic benefits, this study looks beyond manufacturing/transformation and includes value addition through handling, logistics and other post-harvest services.


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The great potential of the fruit and vegetable sector in combination with the Netherlands’ experience and expertise called for a study to look at opportunities where the Zimbabwean fruit and vegetable value chain can develop further and how the Netherlands can contribute to its development.

The study makes clear where Dutch contributions can be made based on the recommendations for sector development. It is a good starting point for Zimbabwean stakeholders to seek engagements with Dutch companies, as well as for Dutch companies to identify where their competencies meet the Zimbabwean needs and developments.

We hope that this study will contribute to new ideas, tools and initiatives that pave the way for further development of the Zimbabwean fruit and vegetable sector and improved collaboration between the Netherlands and Zimbabwe.



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July 2020

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