Interim Assignment(s) at DSM-Firmenich

In addition to advisory services, our consultants can also undertake interim assignments for longer periods at clients. Here, our consultants support or lead projects and can strengthen team capabilities or temporarily replace employees.

Since 2020, our consultants have significantly contributed to various projects at DSM-Firmenich’s business unit TTH – Ingredient Solutions, primarily focused on Supplier Quality Management (SQM). Within TTH – Ingredient Solutions, SQM is a separate department within the independent Quality organization. Together with involved parties such as Customer Quality Management (CQM), Regulatory Affairs, R&D, Procurement, and Toxicology, our consultants focus on the quality and food safety requirements of supplied raw materials to always comply with laws, regulations, and customer demands.

Tasks carried out by Q-Point

In the SQM team, our consultants work on various aspects, including the approval of raw materials, packaging materials, and suppliers using the Safefood 360° data system for food safety and supplier management system (portal). In addition to final approval, our consultants conduct risk-based supplier audits according to DSM-Firmenich standards. It is also important to maintain and improve relationships with suppliers and discuss improvements in quality assurance and quality control processes.

Our consultants have also contributed to setting up evaluation systems for the approval of primary packaging materials and updating the raw material hazard analysis. The risk analysis is conducted in collaboration with primarily Toxicology and Regulatory Affairs. New ingredient groups have been added, and (new) potential raw material hazards have been linked.

Our consultants work with the CQM department to assess customer inquiries regarding the impact of food safety and quality issues in the market and demonstrate compliance with changed laws and regulations. Additionally, our consultants are members of the expert team for developing internal raw material specifications, thereby expediting the selection and approval of raw materials and suppliers.


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