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Netherlands embassy in Nairobi, Kenya

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NL Business Hub NLBH Kenia

Professional growth through personal development

Co-creation of Q-Point, NL Business Hub and EKN Kenya present the Business Mentorship Program:

Kickstart your startup and grow your entrepreneurial career, as successful members of the NL Business Hub mentor young Kenyan aspiring, starting entrepreneurs.

The program goal is entrepreneurial competence building by focusing on mentorship of soft skills and attitude development linked to two tracks in this cross-border journey, full of activities on:

  • Discovering your personal strenghts
  • How to coach/mentor?
  • How to set personal and professional goals?
  • Business management skills
  • How to present yourself and your business?
  • Networking in practice!
  • Company visits for real-life experience
  • Intercultural organizational management


Context: Entrepreneurship in Kenya

Students and young entrepreneurs are being incubated all over  Kenya in order to empower the new generation of agricultural professionals. The country requires a workforce capable to establish businesses that contribute to developing the private sector and Kenya as a whole nation.

In business incubation trajectories, incubatees receive mentoring from supervisors on aspects ranging from production and bookkeeping to market research. However, post-incubation, very few new companies are created and the vast majority stops immediately after the incubation period. Why? This is caused by a variety of challenges.

The knowledge and support on how to set up a business is offered during incubation, but support in the transition from incubatee to independent business owner is not provided. Interpersonal skill development is poorly or not at all included in the incubation trajectories, let alone personal branding, pitch training and soft skills as communication and negotiation.

This leads to a lack of funding eligibility based on criteria of banks and microfinance institutions. The mentorship program is fully designed to foster entrepreneurial career growth through skill development and connections building to grow the professional network of both mentors and mentees.

Project goal and outputs

The Business Mentorship Program over-all goal is professional and personal development by growing the entrepreneurial career of young Kenyan entrepreneurs and members of the Netherlands Business hub as succesfull business owners, and establish a valuable connection between mentees and mentors as lifelong community of entrepreneurs that can draw inspiration from each other. 

The impact of the project is to:

contribute to mutual skill and knowledge transfer and personal & professional growth

strenghten the blooming relationship of Kenya & The Netherlands

leave a positive mark as Dutch business community

Two tracks of the Business Mentorship Program:

  1. Ongoing personal development by 1-on-1 mentorship and peer coaching throughout the program
  2. Live inspiration sessions in Nairobi on entrepreneurial soft skill development, networking and business management etc.

Mentors & Mentees

For mentors:

  • A chance to give back to society
  • Transferring expertise onto next generation
  • Learning from talented young people
  • Expanding your network


For mentees:

  • Opportunity to further expand entrepreneurial competences (knowledge, skillset and attitude)
  • Building connections and grow professional network
  • Meeting inspiring peers!


Relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG 1: No poverty

SDG 4: Quality education

SDG 5: Gender equality

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

SDG 10: Reduced inequalities


Embassy of The Kingdom of  The Netherlands in Kenya en de NL Business Hub Kenya, project number: XXX.


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April 2024 – December 2024

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