Training by Profyta Ltd. at the farm of green valley agro, 18 & 19 january in Iringa, Tanzania

Training Tanzania

We had the pleasure to train a group of more than 30 participants on the following topics: Mtumbwi and Smart Farming.

Mtumbi farming is a traditional, small-scale, and sustainable agricultural system that makes use of manual tools and indigenous knowledge of rural communities. During the training of this project in November 2023 we have created the Mtumbwi system together. This week, we had a practical training in which we prepared the Mtumbwi system for planting in the greenhouse.

Regarding the Smart Farming, the focus was to see the platform, and discovering possibilities on how to develop the system for the farms in the Netherlands and Tanzania. The handover of the smart farming equipment to ATC (Arusha Technical College) was officially done at 19 January, ready to use!

Global GAP was online represented by Q-Point, by colleagues Feline Heussen and Alma Ruting. It was an interactive session and great to see the active input of the training participants.

A big thank you to the team: Anna Mbodze, Martin Koome, Albert Chane, Serafina Lawa, Jasper van Rooijen , Khalfan Cholobi, Anna Mhihave, Daniel Widambwe and the rest of the team of Profyta and Green Valley Agro.

Special thanks to the Government Authority’s, SAGCOT, TVETS, ATC and of course: the farmers!


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